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Fix the glare on your
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Protects your screen from scratches, dust, dirt and debris

Installing your GlareStopper™ screen shouldn't be difficult as long as you follow a few simple rules.

First, here is what NOT to do
  • Do not neglect cleaning your TV screen before attempting to apply the GlareStopper™ film. Any dirt, grease, or dust (especially dust) will make the installation more difficult. Do not ignore this step
  • Do not pull the backing all the way off the film and try to stick it to your TV screen. A whole sheet of film with the sticky side exposed is hard to manage. If you pull the backing all the way off before the film is lined up you will have a hard time getting it started in the correct place.
  • Do not press too hard on your TV screen when applying the film or removing bubbles. You do not want to damage your TV.
Step 1: Preparation
Unplug your TV and set it in a safe location so it won't tip over or fall.

Gather your squeegee that shipped with your GlareStopper™ screen, TV safe screen cleaner, scissors, scotch tape and a helper or two.

Step 2: Clean your TV screen
Using a TV safe screen cleaner, clean the entire area that the film will come in contact with. Make sure you remove any dust particles you can see. Dust particles can sometimes cause a bubble when in between the GlareStopper™ film and the glass.

Step 3: Check the fit
Put the GlareStopper™ film up to your TV screen and make sure it fits. It needs to lay flat against the glass. A slight gap between the edge of the film and the frame is fine. If the film is tight and rubs against the frame it could cause the film to curl on the edge. In that case we recommend trimming your film just enough so it doesn't rub.

Step 4: Remove part of the backing
Carefully peel a corner of the backing to reveal the back of the screen. Using scissors or a razor blade, cut the backing off of this section. Be careful not to damage the film.

Step 5: Position the film
Position the screen in place and let the exposed portion of the film cling to your TV. Use your squeegee to press the exposed film against the glass and remove any bubbles.

Step 6: Slowly peel the backing away
Now that part of your film is firmly in place, carefully start to peel the rest of the backing off of the film starting at the section that is already applied to your TV. As you pull the backing off, use your squeegee to roll the film into place. Go slow and work out any bubbles you see as you go. If you see a bubble you missed, go ahead and peel the film back far enough to squeegee the bubble out. Continue this process until the film is applied to the screen.

Remove the outer protective layer after the film is applied to the TV.

About bubbles
Bubbles are easiest to get out as you are applying the film. If you go slow and stay patient you will be mostly bubble free once the film is applied.

But sometimes you will find a bubble you missed. In this case, use your squeegee and carefully press the bubble to the closest edge. Go slow and work the bubble until it gets to the edge where it will disappear.

Small bubbles are not normally a concern. Usually they are not noticeable when the TV is on. And they will dissipate through the film over time and be gone without any effort.

About dust particles
If you find you have a bubble that won't move when you push it with your squeegee it is probably a dust particle. Sometimes you can see a small piece of dust in the bubble. These will not go away on their own like normal bubbles. You have to remove the dust particle.

Carefully peel the film back to reveal the dust. Take a small piece of Scotch tape and use it's sticky side to grab the dust. The Scotch tape will easily pull the dust particle away because it is much stickier than the film. Then reapply the film as you did before.

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