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Fix the glare on your TV
Protects your screen from scratches, dust, dirt and debris

No more glare!

Many Plasma and LED/LCD TV's have shiny glass screens designed to make the picture look great - specifically in dark rooms. Unfortunately, if the TV is in a bright room it it can show reflections from doors, windows, the sun and indoor lighting. This can often make the TV unwatchable during certain times of the day.

The GlareStopper™ non-glare screen can eliminate over 90% of the reflection and glare without diminishing the HD picture.

Enjoy your TV again with the GlareStopper™ non glare screen!

Custom made for your screen

Don't change the aesthetics of your TV with a bulky aftermarket shield or ruin your screen with a non glare spray.

A GlareStopper™ custom manufactured screen will apply directly to your TV's screen and look like part of your TV. GlareStopper™ screens are a thin film designed to stop screen glare and reflection without hurting your HD picture or your TV.

Helps protect your screen
Helps protect your screen

Help maintain the life of your investment by protecting your TV's irreplaceable screen.

Not only will a GlareStopper™ screen fix the glare problem with your TV but it will also help protect your screen from scratches and keep it clean by blocking out dust, dirt and debris.

Easily remove anytime

Although the GlareStopper™ screen film adheres to your screen and will stay there as long as you want it to, don't worry about it damaging your screen if you ever want to remove it.

The special backing on our film will keep the screen in place but will never leave any residue or tear when removed. Simply peel the film away from your TV. You will not be able to tell it was ever there.

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